World peace in our lifetime? Forget it!

Peace and WarAs a young boy I dreamt of world peace. A world without wars. When I learnt in history and science that human beings were the most intelligent species it seemed that world peace was truly achievable. We could all sit down around some time and reason with one another, put the guns away, let common sense and peace prevail. Were we not above the food chain, with great visions of the future for our children? Surely peace was the only way for us.

As a middle-aged man I take stock of where the world is. We are still fighting one another. From the North to the South Pole wars continue. I have given up on World peace in our lifetime and I see myself as an optimistic. Why? Why is World Peace so hard to achieve?  Well, it boils down to the fact that as one General once pointed out a long time ago, wars are rackets. Wars tend to be very profitable for one or more parties.

Let us look at wars at a simplistic level. There is the supply of weapons, ammunition, soldiers have to be trained, someone has to pay for this. This is not for free. Typically wars feature some of the most sophisticated weapons intended to inflict as much damage as possible and maximise deaths. Deep financing is required for wars. If there is no money involved there will be no war. Basically wars are good business for someone at the end of the year. If you do your research you will realise that a number of economies are benefiting immensely from wars. Sometimes the very same countries calling for peace between the warring nations have played a key role in starting the wars. This is not a coincidence at all.

The definition of a racket a systematised element of organized crime. Another definition said  a  racket was a loud noise or clamor, especially of a disturbing or confusing kind; din; uproar. If we look closely at wars are they not really organised crimes against humanity? We generally do not think of wars as crimes as crimes but sometimes people are dying in their millions. Can this ever be justified? Who will be held accountable for all these wars?  So many people are dying in wars that we have become desensitized to death. We have become used to it because we see so much of it.

At the root of many wars are commercial interests, an outrageous claim right? Take the Iraqi war for instance waged by the US and its allies in 2003. When you look at the Iraqi war, here are a few questions worth posing in no particular order? Who started this war? Why was the war started? Who benefited from this war during and after. The Iraqi war then created so much instability in Iraq giving way to the Iraqi Civil War which was still taking place at the time of writing.

The reason given at the time was to find Nuclear Weapons, weapons of mass destruction as was drummed into our psyche day after day. The world was made to believe that there were weapons in Iraq. The US was so certain of this. We all know that not a single nuclear weapon was found and it really was about oil from the very beginning. But the war would never would never taken place if we did not accepted the pretext, the weapons of mass destruction. What happened was really mass destruction of an entire country with impunity, more than anything else.

The Iraqi war was classic racket. A reason was found to justify a war. More than a decade later, we have maybe a million people dead but no one really cares. No one in a global context who can enforce accountability around the war. In fact no one is really held accountable because those who waged the war are also the most powerful people in the world, the untouchables. Years later we find out that the war on Iraq was decided on by the globe-trotting Tony Blair and his American counterpart George Bush, long before the war actually took place. They had agreed on the war but what they needed was to justify the war. They needed to sell this war not only to the general public but their counterparts.

The companies that supplied the arms in the wars,  the companies that were involved in the rebuilding the war torn country are from the same countries that helped start the war. What does this really tell us? There is a whole massive industry around wars. You start wars, your companies supplying weapons benefit. When the warring nations are destroyed, you provide the companies to rebuild infrastructure. When those same countries need financing you are there in their time of need. Ladies and gentlemen, if this is not a racket, I don’t know what is.

When you think of a racket as a loud noise of a disturbing or confusing kind, wars are doing this to us. Wars are disturbing human progress, cities are flattened and people live as if they are in the stone age without basic amenities. Development is set back generations. Generations are lost. Why do we do this to ourselves? Some wars have been taking place for so long that sometimes the people fighting have forgotten why they are really fighting. All they know is that their fathers and grandfathers were fighting and they are just following suit. These fighters are now just pawns in a game of chess they don’t understand.

One of the sad fact of wars is that the human race will never trully achieve its true potential. I cannot think of any other creature that is so determined to destroy itself. A species that continues so single-mindedly with a mission to maim and destroy itself. We have accumulated massive stockpiles of very sophisticated weaponry that could destroy countries or lay waste continents at the press of a button. Surely no good can come from this.
There is so much money involved in wars and the military that if it were diverted to other uses I am sure poverty across the world could be eliminated. We are not talking millions of dollars but trillions.

The mainstream media is part of the racket so they will not be of much use in researching the real story behind wars. One could think of the mainstream media as the marketing function behind wars. If you look at the Iraqi war they played a massive role in the demonising of Saddam Hussein. He was the devil and had to be eliminated.  When the war actually started, some of the media were embedded in the army and they brought news right from the battlefront. The fall of Saddam Hussein was declared as a massive victory that would usher a new era of peace and democracy. Now that he is gone, are his people any better? Not one bit.  Where is the peace and democracy? Don’t fool yourself for one bit. Those who started the wars are long gone, basking in the glory of retirement, immune from arrests of any kind. After all the people killed were in the middle east.

This is what the most intelligent animal species is capable, bringing its own kind to the brink. Disturbingly when one researches nuclear weapons, we have come very close to catastrophe on various occassions not because of war itself but human error. So we build these weapons that could destroy us all on a whim, just so that we can intimidate the other parties. Well nuclear technology is now so commonly known that it would come as little surprise that many more countries actually have nuclear weapons than is acknowledged. After all stealth and secrecy are very important attributes in the military.

Let me finish with a quote by Albert Einstein:  “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”. That quote may seem funny as hell but there is nothing funny about how the World will be brought to such a fate. If you hope for world peace do yourself a favour, forget it! Not in our lifetime.