You may be a mere mortal but your words, your message are mighty.

Never allow yourself to become bigger than your message. Are you not an instrument? The instrument should never overshadow the music it produces. Let the instrument play on, unhindered, in full flow for humanity to thrive and enjoy.

If you seek to bring lasting change to people’s lives, make it less about yourself and more about them, more about your message, more about the positive transformation, the goodwill you carry in your heart. Be the good and faithful messenger who worries not about where they have been, who they are talking to, how they look, what they drive, where they live, when they are uploading their latest pictures. No ladies and gentlemen, it’s about your message!

You may be a mere mortal but your words, your message are mighty. They are powerful beyond measure. No one truly knows how far and wide it can go and how many lives it will touch. May your message live on long after you are gone. May your message inspire many, future generations, across seas and oceans.

Humble yourself but amplify your message. It will take nothing away from you to make it less about yourself. Choose your words and actions with great care. They may change the course of history. You have GREATNESS within you. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your time. May love and compassion follow wherever you go and inspire everything you say or do.