Your breakthrough!

It’s going to come without warning.  Any moment could be that point in time, when everything seems just right. When the iron is hotter than ever and there is no better time to strike.

The time when it’s ripe to take it to the next level. After all those hours of hard work and sacrifice, it is the time to start reaping the  fruits. All the sleepless nights  you pressed on with your vision in silence and solitude.  Though so many doubted, yet you always believed and then you are  vindicated. The doubters are silenced and those who kept the faith join you in rejoicing.

“That’s my friend, …that’s my son,… that’s my daughter!”  I am hearing it all round! Suddenly everyone is proud to be associated with you.  The acknowledgement that you fully deserved now  comes your way! And more windows of opportunity will  open. This is only the beginning.

Be ready for your moment on the podium. Seize the moment and throw caution to the wind when your time comes.  Withstand the forces that against you but in rise in harmony with those for you.

Be ready for the big break when it comes. The breakthrough! – BTM

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