Your path

There is no path from here because this is where yours will start. Your path could not start in the middle of another or beside another. Your path starts after another ends.  With your path you continue where another ended. Where others turn back and proclaim the end, you realise that it’s only the beginning. Where others are disembarking and calling it a day, saying goodnight, you are boarding, you are looking forward to the day, you are saying good morning.

Just because there is no path does not mean there is no way to get there.  What will take you from this present point and location to the desired destination is your path. Between the reality that you desire and where you stand now is your path.

Your path, moulded by the countless, patient and energetic footsteps. The missteps which eventually found the right way.

You see, the paths up to this point have served their purpose, they cannot take you any further. The paths that have you taken you this far have served you well and to their fullest extent.  There were there for a good reason. There serve as a reminder to how you got to where you are today, your journey thus far.

Your path will guide others that come after you.   So do not despair when you see no path ahead and there is nothing to your left and to your right either. Be very excited because you have that great opportunity to create your very own.

Your path will show others the territory you covered, the discoveries you came across , your milestones along the way and reveal your courage and sense of adventure. In time you will be proud that you did not stop walking when there was no path but rather continued, in a new direction,  and in the process left a beautiful trail – Your Path. BTM

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  1. Hi Bruce

    This is deep stuff! How we want follow the established paths, neglecting that we must beat our own path and leave a trail. The world is looking for trailblazers and uncommon solutions. New answers, new possibilities, new frontiers…I will follow MY PATH!

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